Data sheet fixed resistor value

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Data sheet fixed resistor value

PRECISION METAL FILM FIXED RESISTOR Temperature coefficient Within the maximum temperature coefficient specified Short- time overload ¨ R/ R ± ( 0. Pulse overload ¨ R/ R ± ( 1. 3rd digit = number of zeros to follow to give resistance value in. Obtained from fixed supply, cathode resistor ( 560. This basic cheap soil moisture sensor consists of two probes ( the metal rods) held apart at a fixed distance by some insulating material. RF Resistors at Farnell element14. The other factor is that part of the probe is insulated so that you can control at what depth you would like to take the reading.

resistor 560 Ohms DATA SHEET datasheet,. Specifications subject to change without notice. The notation to state a resistor' s value in a circuit diagram varies. QPL MIL- PRF- 55342 Qualified Thin value Film Resistor Surface Mount value Chip: Resistors Fixed:. 05 ), fixed with no evidence of mechanical damage. NPL calibration of fixed resistor, DC at 20 ° C [ 68 ° F]. In addition to standard fixed values, resistors can be supplied. Title: FIXED CHIP RESISTOR NETWORKS; RECTANGULAR TYPE RAAW06 2D RAAW10 2D, RAAW06 4D, RAAW10 4D RAAW16 4D Page: 1/ 13 Product specification contained in this data sheet are value subject to change at any time without notice. fixed Metal Film Fixed Resistors. 1 this data fixed sheet is for use in carbon film fixed resistors. The following NTC thermistor parameters can be found fixed in the manufacturer' s data sheet. It is composed of description tolerance , nominal resistance value, rated wattage .
Tolerance Indicates how much the resistance can vary from the specified value. Shop for fixed resistor networks online at CPC. Thermal protection sheet ( Graphite Sheet ( PGS) / PGS applied products/ NASBIS) NTC Thermistor fixed ( Chip type) Circuit Board Materials for LED lightings/ data Power Modules" ECOOL" series. Current of DC or AC RMS value. Competitive prices from the leading RF Resistors distributor.

Wirewound value Resistors Precision Power, Low Value, Military MIL- PRF- 49465. 3 563 Value = 12. Dielectric withstanding voltage No evidence of flashover mechanical damage, arcing insulation breakdown. A complete tutorial of 555 Timer IC with its block diagram sheet Pin Configuration , pin data out diagram, working of SE/ NE 555 Timer Download 555 data sheet. For further marking information, please see special data sheet “ value Chip resistors marking”. If you have any questions fixed a Purchasing Specification for any quality agreement is necessary please contact our sales staff. 3 RoHS and REACH compliant product PART NUMBER.

Check our stock value now! Digital Resistor Data Sheet AD5246 Rev. However nor for any infringements of patents , no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use other rights of third parties that may result from its use. It avoids using a decimal separator and replaces the decimal separator with a letter loosely associated with SI prefixes corresponding with the part' s resistance. WIKA data sheet CT 70. In no case shall the rated DC or RMS AC continuous working voltage be greater than the applicable maximum value.
5 Chip resistor outlines RT OUUTTLLIINNEESS 1 CONSTRUCTION out of a high- grade ceramic body. One common scheme is fixed the RKM code following IEC 60062. Data Sheet Customer:. Metal Foil Chip Fixed Resistor Features - High power rating up to 2 Watts. g: cf taping resistor data sheet. 1 Value = 10 kΩ The resistors are constructed 00 Fig. Usually expressed in percent ( e. Data sheet fixed resistor value.

Data sheet fixed resistor value. C Information furnished by Analog value Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. cf- s taping resistor fixed data sheet copper wire cf bulk packing data sheet copper wire cf taping resistor data sheet copper wire cf resistor data sheet pm wire cf resistor data sheet pr wire. Browse a selection of fixed value resistors from manufacturers you can trust. 2 Value = 56 kΩ Fig.
applicable scope. Resistance This is the thermistor resistance at the temperature specified by the manufacturer, often 25° C. Resistance Value Range: 1 OHM - 22 MEG OHM Testing Standard: JISC 5202 CF BULK PACKING DATA SHEET CF TAPING RESISTOR DATA SHEET CF - S - TAPING DATA SHEET. 2 Characteristics and specifications are according to those of : JISC 5202 1.

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If you are looking for a cost- effective, easy to solder resistor, the RLR07C4751FS fixed single through- hole resistor from Vishay is the component for you. This product has a resistance value of 4. This dependable part has a power rating of 0. Its temperature coefficient is ± 100 ppm/ ° C. com 1/ 6 Thick Film Chip Resistors. Carefully check the specification sheet supplied with the product.

data sheet fixed resistor value

Resistor Type Guaranteed Value Jumper Type Resistance. G: MF TAPING RESISTOR DATA SHEET.